Real Estate Investors mind

Real Estate Investors mind

Me and many others are living proof that you can build your wealth by changing your mental and physical habits. This mini course focuses on modifying or refining your mental habits and attitudes towards real estate investments so you can take advantage of your will. Its about getting your mind right.

With thoughts, I mean your way of looking at and approaching your real estate investment business. This includes how you perceive your business. It also includes what you allow to impress and scare you, even what challenges and excites you.

Note This article is the introductory session of a soon released mini course entitled Real Estate Investor Mind and the entire course will soon be available to Rehab Real Estate Central subscribers for newsletters. This course will be a free service by Rehab Real Estate Central.

Why care about mindset?

Simple. Because the cost of NOT adjusting your mind is incredibly expensive in the opportunity of loss If your mind is not conditioned to think like a wealth building investor, youre like a sailor paddling around in a boat with holes in it. If you are enough fast enough, you will keep it floating, but you will eventually comfort ... and sink

ALL money making endeavors begin with a thought. They are all ideas that are born in an investors mind. Some have more and better ideas than others. Why is it like that? Are some senses better conditioned than others? I say yes

In our society there is often resistance to conditioning their minds, but nobody is thinking of going on a jog or going to the gym to condition their body. Is it sensible? If you go on the entrepreneurial track, mental fitness is central to your business.

The six concepts that I will develop in this course are powerful weapons in mind. If you condition your mind to these concepts, you will make a lot of money, and you will keep a lot of money.

Simply put, if you do not develop, and then fine tune your mind you will either

Never invest in real estate if you have not begun and lose the wealth you want to achieve for you and your family.

Never really get where you want to go into your investment if youre already investing and lose the wealth youre going to achieve for you and your family.

You see, many people have enough knowledge to invest in real estate. A lot less do it. Why is it like that? Because much fewer have bothered to develop the mindset that overcomes fear and other obstacles to investing in real estate. Frankly, no matter how much knowledge you have about investing in real estate, you will not do that if you have not known yourself to think as and investors.

Usually, I write and teach practical questions about rehab real estate investment, but for this course I break it from talking to you what you can do to adjust your thinking ... change how your mind works. Because the investment will not succeed without a properly conditioned mind, it can be considered the most important aspect of learning to be a real estate investor

The idea is the basis for real estate investment. In other words, if it is not solid, you can not invest successfully. I do not know how to express it as usual.

I have known many of those who want to invest in real estate. It is usually familiar that finds in some way that I invest in rehab real estate. Im invariably here, Ive been thinking about doing it. Sometimes I hear I looked at it. Sometimes they continue to ask questions, but I find that most of the time is the next word after the previous phrase ... but And then I hear an apology.

These excuses range from I could not find any property to the numbers scared me to I could not get a mortgage.

What I think about myself is These excuses have solutions, but they do not have the thought of overcoming these relatively small obstacles. Unless anyone asks me for specific advice to overcome these obstacles, I can not afford. Its not because I do not want them to succeed This is because their thinking is not yet right.

Let me tell you where I am from this topic.

My thinking was screwed up for 10 years I was a real estate guru junkie For a decade, I used every book about real estate investing in the market, attending seminars and buying courses. I had book knowledge that ran out of my ears with NULL property.

Finally, I realized one day that I would retire from the marina, I really did not want to work and my family still enjoyed eating I changed my mind and put thoughts into action. The rest is history. What has changed? Not my knowledge My way of thinking changed.

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