Understand volume properties

Understand volume properties

Volume property stores often confuse agent agents. In fact, the agent is lucky to close 20 transactions in one year, which is equivalent to only 1.5 transactions per month. And yet it is highly unlikely that it is necessary to spend 160 hours on a transaction. This is due to lack of processes, no limits on time with a client and lack of common sense about what is required to work with too many customers at once.

It is a fact that many agents in the traditional real estate world think you should call customer calls until you reach the person you are calling. It may be midnight and sometimes later if you negotiate an agreement. Why?

This misunderstanding of the profession leaves the agent ineffective, without limits and often you hear that the agent is burned out. They need a vacation. But oh no, the agent can not take a vacation, they have a client who needs them. And this is the agent who is lucky to do 20 transactions per year. Yes, it gave them to the Million Dollar Club, but it has not given them an income that is sustainable or a balanced life.

What is Volume Real Estate?

In a nutshell, the volume of real estate works with so many customers that if you are looking forward to you and not selling or buying a house It does not affect your performance or income. It simply is not necessary. Volume properties are a conscious decision to accept as many customers as possible and that you will find out if you need help with them later while in the game, not just thinking about the game.

Volume properties acknowledge that you need to market all the time, not only when you decide that you need more customers because you have just closed your pipeline or it has dried up. A volume of real estate overbends itself and knows that they have team members who can help if needed. Volume properties are where you earn money that you did not even know possible because you have a smooth and hard process and have very little or no shortcomings.

Volume properties have limits that say when you close for business, when you open again for business and ultimately it will allow you to go on vacation. Volume properties are the future question if the wave is not already on us. The question is, are you going to go under scales or do you want to ride the wave?

How do you do Volume Real Estate

Learn from someone who has the perfect volume of real estate. Someone carrying hundreds of lists at a time, not tens of lists or less.

Stay away from naysayers and others who do not want anyone to succeed, including themselves.

Understand that you can never serve someone in real estate, you can only support them to make a decision that is best for them. You have no power.

Stop feeling worried about people who have become financial fairs.

Stop feeling guilty of charging people too much money and spending less the real fee it costs you to do business. In other words, instead of tying 20 people to death for your annual turnover, you will only stay in 2000. You will earn more money and your customers will save more individually so that they can accept more offers faster.

Make yourself referable so that your customers can actually refer you to others.

Build processes that keep everyone on the same side, including customers.

Stop over to service people to feel good about yourself.

Stop wondering that people can not do things for themselves, like filling their own flyers.

Stop leaving customers because you do not have enough customers get more.

Stop redundancy clients and deliver less results than they promised.

Stop overwhelming customers and regret your surrender.

Set limits for your personal life that you are willing to enforce and let them spread in your business life.

Recognize that property needs for sellers and buyers have changed and go on the band wagon to people who make millions while doing less than you imagine or feel you deserve. Do not just do enough to pay your bills, earn real money.

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